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STEM toys for your budding scientist!

Cognitive development is an important step for children and what better way to engage kids than explore their surrounding via a microscope. Our series of early education sets are part of Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum. IQCrew’s Science Discovery Series is designed to inspire kids to learn more about science. Microscopes are important tools that help children understand science and nature by allowing them to peek into the microscopic world. They make for excellent gifts and learning toys that introduce the world to the child via a different lens.

Inspire the curiosity, encourage the discovery, empower the imagination and allow for creativity. After all, is that not the basis of great thinkers?


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Discovery Series: Inverted Microscope (IN50)

Our new inverted design provides a big advantage over conventional microscopes, by allowing both traditional specimen slides and liquids to be used. By moving the microscope's lenses under the specimen stage, there's plenty of room on top.

A Petri dish can be used to hold liquid samples like pond water, hatching brine shrimp, or growing crystals. The inverted design also lets you adjust the focus without moving the stage, which could disturb the specimen.

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Discovery Series: Compound Microscope (M50)

With 3 objective lenses, and 2 eyepieces, you can use 5 magnification levels from 40X to 1000X. The magnification range is ideal for viewing microscopic organisms, like what you might find in water samples from a lake or ocean. It's also great for looking at crystal structures and metallurgical samples.

The top and bottom LED illumination provide light for both translucent and opaque objects. This means you can look at ultra-thin tissue samples, or plant leaves and insects. And since the microscope is battery-powered, you can take it anywhere.

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